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  The Creme Horse
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The Creme Horse
The creme of the crop


The " American White et American Creme Horse Registry ", was founded in 1937 and regestered all cream horses under the specifications of couleur. The Creme Horse has predominantly Arabe, Quarter Horse, Spanish and Portuguese blood. In 2002 the decision was made in agreament with with the American Creme Horse Association to close the stud book in France so that the Creme Horse could finaly become a race in its own right.

Body :  Nice head with big eyes, large jaw bones, finely attached mi-long to long neck, long slanted shoulder well muscled, deep chest, short back, large rein, round and well muscled croup, pasterns average in length and oblique. 
Coat :  White, ivory to Cream with mane and tail that vary from white to dark cream.
Skin :  Pink to pumpkin, a few small dark spots round the eyes or mouth are admitted but mottled skin is eliminatary.
Eyes :            Blue.
Breeding :   Quarter Horse, Portuguese / Spanish and Arabe.
Height :        average of 15.2h to 16h.
Weight :        400kg à 550kg.
Caracter :    Volontary, nice natured, gentil, proud and showy



Because of the selection the Creme Horse is very versatile and excels in lots of equestrian events, show jumping, dressage, western riding, long distance riding, and is used alot in ridden presentations. The Creme Horse is easy to train and his temperament is as fantastic as his looks.


Registration rules:

Registration step by step :

To sum up

If you want a horse who is a good friend, has a big heart, lovely caracter, easy to train, loves work, and will try anything, buy a Creme Horse.

You won't be disappointed.



Association Française du Cheval Crème,   669 Chemin de Saint Martial, 82000 Montauban.


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