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Showjumping consists of jumping a course of jumps without fault. The tests are intended to demonstrate the horses frankness, his power, his address, his speed and respect of the obstacles and the competitors quality of riding.

Showjumping is the leading discipline in France. It represents more than 80% of competitions, both in terms of competitors /classes and that of inscriptions in competition.

It has the advantage of being an easy discipline to understand. The neophyte can see if the bar falls or not,and can see who is going the fastest by the chrono. Although sometimes the judging is more subtile, the verdict of the bars and the stopwatch is accepted by all.



Classes in the divisions Club, Amateur, Enseignant & Pro

Club 4, 3, 2, 1, Elite Speciale / Speed / Grand Prix
Amateur 3, 2, 1, Elite Speciale / Speed / Grand Prix
Enseignant 3, 2, 1, Elite Speciale / Speed / Grand Prix
Pro 3, 2, 1, Elite Speciale / Speed / Grand Prix


Classes in the division Préparatoire

Préparatoire 50 cm Préparatoire 1,10 m
Préparatoire 60 cm Préparatoire 1,20 m
Préparatoire 70 cm Préparatoire 1,30 m
Préparatoire 80 cm Préparatoire 1,40 m
Préparatoire 90 cm Préparatoire 1,50 m
Préparatoire 1,00 m

The purpose of these classes is to prepare the competitors and horses to showjumping events, and especially to the Grand Prix events.

These classes are defined by the height of the jumps.
They generate points towards the permanent ranking for couples completing the courses without penalty.

They are judged:   Table A, not against the clock, without jump off, in two phases:  1st round without stopwatch, 2nd round without stopwatch.

The test consists of two phases, ridden continuously at the same speed or a different speed. The finish line of the first phase is the same as the starting line of the second. The first phase is a course of  8 to 9 jumps with a combination. The second phase is a course of 4 to 6 jumps.

Competitors penalized in the first phase are notified by a bell after jumping the last jump. If they have passed the time allotted for the first phase, they are informed by the same signal, after crossing the finish line of the first phase.
They must stop their round after crossing the first finishing line.
Competitors not penalized in the first phase continue the course which finishes after crossing the second finishing line. If the second phase is played according to the Table A, the penalty for exceeding the time allowed is 1 point for every four seconds commenced.

Competitors who are stopped after the first phase can only be placed after the competitors who took part in the two phases.
In case of a tie for first place, the competitors concerned will be placed 1st ex aequo.

 Differents classes

Club, Amateur, Enseignant et Pro
Six Bars
Relay American
Choise your points
Choise your course
Eliminations successives or Champions Prize
Groups avec manche gagnante
Manche gagnante
Combine Hunter CSO
The Derby

Complet rules are available at   www.ffe.com

The winning horses in Showjumping

Nom du Cheval
N° inscrit
Chantilly P-6185 Francine Jenkins 3,0  



Association Française du Cheval Crème, 669 Chemin de Saint Martial, 82000 Montauban.


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