Results of the
National Championship Show 2014
Rodez (12)

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 september 2014



In hand showing





1st :   IEN'A SHARYAKAN (creme) Mrs Solange Leroy d’Auderic   17,32 / 20

Yearling colt:

1st :    DOLMEN DES DIEUX (creme) Mrs Florence Trouvé             13,76 / 20

Yearling fillies:

1st :    DUNE DES FERRIERES (creme) Mr René Blazy                       16,90 / 20
2nd :    DITA VON SIKE (creme) Miss Caroline Grimaud                      14,41 / 20
3rd :    DOLCE VITA DES DIEUX (creme) Mrs. Florence Trouvé      14,32 / 20

Geldings :

1st :    CINTILO (creme) Miss Claire Roussié                                       15,31 / 20

2 year old mares:

1st :    CALIENTE DES DAZS (creme) Mr Daniel Desfonds                16,36 / 20

4 years and older mares:

1st :   VINCA DES DAZS (creme) Mr Daniel Desfonds                       16,83/ 20 
2nd :   UNE DES FERRIERES (creme)   Mr René Blazy                        16,27 / 20
3rd :   UPHEA DES DIEUX (creme)   Mrs. Florence Trouvé              16,23 / 20

3 year old stallions:  

1st:   IEN'A HAJJAYA (creme) Mrs Solange Leroy d'Auderic            16,79 / 20



4 years and older stallions: 

1st :        SCOTT DES DAZS (palomino)  Mr Sylvain Cazalet         16,33 / 20
2nd :        URANIO DU TUREL (smoky black) Miss Carine Ferrari.        16,12 / 20


Yearling colt:

1st :        DIVINO DE LA JASSE (palomino)   Mrs Maeva Ferrer.   16,48 / 20


Ridden events

Dressage Club 3GP AFCC

1st :    SCOTT    (palomino) Mr Sylvain Cazalet
2nd :    URANIO DU TUREL (smoky black)   Miss Carine Ferrari.

Dressage Club 2GP AFCC

1st :    SCOTT    (palomino) Mr Sylvain Cazalet

Super sunny weekend, the silent night storms lit up the skies everyone watched for about 15 minutes it was very colourfull, a little rain during the night but not enought to harm the grass arenas.

A lot of people visited the Stud for the Heritage Day and quite a few were interested in buying horses, perhaps some will find new owners.

The association thanks Mr Henri Albert director of the Haras de Rodez.
Our sponsor Euro Quality System who donated the prize money for the ridden events.
Mr Claude Mouysset et Mme Wanda Lee-Jones judges.
All the volunteers who helped to make the weekend a success.