Results of the
National Championship Show 2011
Rodez (12)

Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 August 2011



In hand showing





1st :    IEN'A DJAILA (creme) Mrs Solange Leroy d’Auderic.    16,21 / 20


1st :    IEN’A HYLLAN   (creme)   Mrs Solange Leroy d’Auderic.     16,65 / 20

Yearling colts:

1st :    AMPORIO (creme) Miss Caroline Grimaud.          16,90 / 20


2 year old mares:

1st :     VALIOSA DU TUREL (creme)   EARL Haras du Turel.     15,06 / 20

3 year old mares:

1st :   UNLIANDA DES DAZS (creme) Mr Daniel Desfonds   16,49 / 20

4 years and older mares:

1st :   TORA DES DAZS (creme)   Mr Daniel Desfonds                            17,16 / 20
2nd:   PASSION BLUE BAR (creme) Mrs Solange Leroy d’Auderic        16,72 / 20
3rd:   SONORA (creme) Mr Michel Bonneau                                           16,48 / 20

3 year old stallions:  

1st :   URBAN LEGEND EQUI'REV (creme)  Mrs Christine Goetz      16,96 / 20
2nd:   UGARIO DES DIEUX   (creme) Miss Laurence Delaloye           16,40 / 20
3rd:   URCOS DES DAZS (creme) Mr Daniel Desfonds                       16,04 / 20
4th:   USAYN SILVER FAME (creme) Miss Virginie Fayaud               15,22 / 20

Urban Legend Equi'Rev


4 years and older stallions: 

1stx :                SIKELELE DES UGAGNEAUX (creme) Miss Caroline Grimaud      17,16 / 20
2nd :                 FUN  (creme) Mr Michel Bonneau                                                     16,70 / 20
3rd :                 THOOZ DES DIEUX   (creme) Miss Katia Gomez                            16,10 / 20
4th :                  IEN'A SKOUE BLUE  (creme) Mrs Geneviève Dumoulin                  15,74 / 20
5th :                  LADINO (creme)   Mr Daniel Desfonds                                             15,30 / 20

Sikelele des Ugagneaux                                                           Fun 



1st :    IEN’A MUNBAÏ   (palomino) Mrs Solange Leroy d’Auderic.     16,26 / 20

4 years and older mares: 

1st :         MORENN DES CENTAURIES  (palomino) à M Marc Le Tual.   15,88 / 20

Morenn des Centauries


Ridden events


In hand showing and ridden 3 year old HN

1st :    UGARIO DES DIEUX   (creme) Miss Laurence Delaloye ridden by Miss Sonia Rajot
2nd:    USAYN SILVER FAME (creme) Miss Virginie Fayaud ridden by herself

Dressage RLM Junior AFCC

1st :     SIKELELE DES UGAGNAUX (creme) Miss Caroline Grimaud ridden by herself
2nd :    TADJOURA DES DIEUX  (palomino) Mr Bernard Bouchard ridden by himself
3rd :    UGARIO DES DIEUX   (creme) Miss Laurence Delaloye  ridden by Miss Sonia Rajot
4th :    THOOZ DES DIEUX   (creme) Mrs Katia Gomez ridden by herself
5th :    USAYN SILVER FAME (creme) Miss Virginie Fayaud ridden by herself
6th :    IEN'A SKOUE BLUE  (creme) Mrs Geneviève Dumoulin

Dressage RLM Senior AFCC

1st :    MORENN DES CENTAURIES  (palomino) Mr Marc Le Tual ridden by himself

The weekend was happy and friendly but the sun was unbearable, luckily the Stud has big trees to shelter under from the heat. Lovely horses came to the show and this year it was nice to see more horses in the ridden classes.

Saturday night's cabaret

Katia et Thooz des Dieux

Inès et Urban Legend Equi'Rev

Katia Gomez with Thooz des Dieux (ACHR), Caroline Grimaud with Sikelele des Ugagneaux (ACHR),
édérique Vigné & Inès with Urban Legend Equi'Rev (ACHR), Xaloc, Diamantino II, &
Clavijo PM all (Spanish),
& Gillian Senn with her two horses.

The cabaret was a great success and the association thanks enormously all who took part.


The association thanks Mr Claude Mouysset director of the Haras de Rodez.
Our sponsor Euro Quality System who donated the prize money for the ridden events.
Mme Wanda Lee-Jones judge.
All the volunteers who helped to make the weekend a success.