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Registration Step by Step

Follow the instructions below for the inscription of your foals with the  American Association and also the SIRE.

Association :   

 After having your mare covered, the stallion owner or leaser must give you an AFCC service certificat. They need to fill in the page
Certificat de saillie/breeders certificat

1.    The stallion owner or leaser must fill in the breeders certifiact (no scribbling out).
2.    The stallions DNA must be registered with the AFCC.
3.    The Breeders report must be sent to the AFCC before the 31
November of the breeding year by the stallion owner or leaser.

 example      (see brown text).

association logo

American Creme Horse Registry
Association Française du Cheval Crème

669 Chemin de Saint Martial, 82000 Montauban.

Certificat de Saillie/Breeders certificat


Certificat de saillie à remplir à la saillie.       Breeders certificat

Je certifie que
Nom de l'étalon
I certify that

Stallions name

 ROI DE MAI                                                                    

N° inscrit ACHR
registered ACHR n°

               2002C-7373                    Couleur / color              PERLINO   

A sailli la jumentHas served
Mares name

                FLEUR DE LYS     

N° inscrit ACHR
registered n° ACHR

               2002C-7474                       Couleur/color             CREMELLO        

Dates de saille
Dates bred
  en main      dates                                     en liberté  de              à
 dates                                                                               to
                                 Tick box concerned

Propriétaire de l'étalon
stallion owner

DUPONT   JEAN                      Adresse      RUE PRINCIPALE
                                                                                                 75000    PARIS
Propriétaire de la
jument à la saillie
Mares owner
                DUPONT   MARIE                    Adresse      RUE PRINCIPALE
                                                                                                 75000    PARIS

Signature prop de l'étalon / étalonnier



Fill in paper (see below).

Send to the AFCC the service certificat / déclaration de naissance/inscription within
15 days of birth.              example      (see brown text).

1.   Horses name.    Give three names, not more than 21 lettres, spaces included. No ponctuations, or numbers. Do not use similar names as others even if spelt differently.
2.   Fill in colour, sex etc.
3.   Fill in date born.
4.    Signature (each individual signature must be written by hand) exemple: If the owners of the mare at the time of the birth are Jean & Marie Dupont. Both must sign the paper or if there is procuration written on a paper and sent to the AFCC one person can sign for the other and put his name in full next to the signature. If the mare is leased the leaser must sign the paper, the signature of the leaser must be at the AFCC on a special paper, print the paper from the site.


Association Française du Cheval Crème
American White American Creme Horse Registry

669 Chemin de Saint Martial, 82000 Montauban.

Déclaration de naissance / Birth declaration
Envoi à l'AFCC dans les 15 jours de la naissance
/Send to the AFCC within 15 days of birth

Section 1 A remplir par le naisseur
La jument : Nom
Mares name
N° inscrit
Reg number
Couleur/Colour      CREMELLO
A pouliné le
Foal Born
     18 AVRIL 2005
Produit de Sexe :
Foal sex
Mâle/Colt                                Female/Filly            Tick box concerned
Couleur : Blanc / Ivoire        Crème          Palomino     Isabelle/Buckskin     cocher le cas/tick box
Jumeaux de sexe
Mâle/Colt                                Femelle /Filly             cocher le cas/tick box
Couleur : Colour Blanc / Ivoire                 Crème               Palomino     Isabelle/Buckskin       cocher le cas
Poulain : Vivant après 48 hrs          Mort né          Mortalité à la naissance     cocher le cas/tick box
  Mortalité avant 48 hrs     Jumeau           Avortement          cocher le cas/tick box
   Jument morte (joindre son papier et un certificat du vétérinaire avec le signalement du produit
sous la mère). Mares death (include paper & vets certificat)
Section 2        Donner trois noms. Pas plus de 21 lettres, éspaces inclus. Pas de ponctuation, apostrophes ou N°s.
Give three names. Not more than 21 lettres, spaces included. No ponctuations, or numbers.
1° nom:/ 1st name    PAPILLON
2° nom: / 2nd name    FLEUR DE MAI
3° nom:/ 3rd name    ROI DE SOLEIL
Je soussigné(e) Mr     Mme.     Mle.     Seul naisseur     Co-naisseur        COCHER LES CAS/Tick box


Nom        DUPONT JEAN                             Adresse         RUE PRINCIPALE
                                                                                                           75000    PARIS
Co owner
Nom/Name                                        Adresse/Address                    

Certifié exact :

Certified exact:

A/At       PARIS                                      le/the                 20 AVRIL 2005                            

Signature du naisseur (s)             SIGNATURE
Signature of owner (s)


3)     FOAL INSCRIPTION :   All foals must be registered before the 30 november of year born.                                      

Before the end of the 7th month you need to register your foal. exemple : born 01/01/07 should be registered before 01/08/07

7.   Include 5 normal sized photos.   The AFCC does not accept colour photocopies or printed photos. Write name of horse and owner on back of photo in pen (no felt tip pens or rubber stamps). Or you can send your photos to the association by email, attention do not retouch the photos or you will face sanctions.

Do not forget to send the outline diagram on the associations paper (description and graphic).    

  chitane          mogador          bucky 
          Côté droite / Right side                        Côté gauche / Left side                   Derrière/Back

         dream                   khamiza
                     Devant / Front                                                      Avec sa mère/With Dam


association logo

American Creme Horse Registry
Association Française du Cheval Crème

Signalement / Outline Diagram





  Signalement descriptif:                                                                     General description:





AG :  

AD :

PG :

PD :

Marques :  

 Fait A/ At:                                                       le/the:


Signature vétérinaire:                              Tampon/Rubber stamp



Send this filled in and signed paper with the breeders certificat, 5 photos to the ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE DU CHEVAL CREME, 669 Chemin de Saint Martial, 82000 Montauban with a check  made out to the association. (see tariffs)   Your membership must be up to date at the time of registration.

Membership paper

Foals born in or after 2007 must be DNA parentage tested. Your vet will do this when he comes to do the outline diagram, if the Dam is not tested it must be done at the same time.

Non complete registration applications without good photos or fee will not be valid and may be returned to the applicant without treatment.


in the registre français du Cheval Crème at the SIRE
horses born after 2006.

SIRE :      

1 :      After the service of your mare, the stallion owner must give you a service certificat from the book from the Haras Nationaux.

2 :      At foals birth: You must send in the déclaration de naissance to the SIRE within the 15 days of birth. After 15 days the foal will not be able to be registered.

3 :      When you have received the American paper. When you have received the American paper and before the31 december you can ask for the French Passport. You need to send a photocopie (front/back) of the American paper with the outline diagram and the tariff.



Association Française du Cheval Crème,  669 Chemin de Saint Martial, 82000 Montauban.

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