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Association Française du Cheval Crème, 1980 Route de St Urcisse, 81630 Montgaillard.


A.      Only horses from American Creme Horse registered parents, section creme or section breeding stock or an approuved outcross registry can be registered with at least one parent being registered in the section creme registry.
B.      Foals registered CREME ou BREEDING STOCK must have their description taken by an approuved vet and must be micro chipped. Foals from 2007 onwards must also be genetic test for affiliation with their parents. Registration must be made on association paper with a service certificat and shall be sent to the french association with 5 photos, front, back, each side, and one with dam plus the registration price. This shall be charged to the owner of the horse.

C.       At three years old or before a stallion serves the horse must be seen by an approuved vet for confirmation. The stallions that will start serving in 2008 must pass before a commission in 2007 to become an approuved stallion. He must be checked for a parrot mouth condition and have two testicules descended. A horse with a parrot mouth condition or who is cryptorchid (both of these conditions is a hereditory condition) will not be approuved as a stallion and his foals will not be allowed registration. For the mares nothing changes an approuved vet must fill in the confirmation paper. This paper must be filled in and sent to the french association with the original ACHR paper, 4 recent photos and the price of the transaction for validation, Without validation the horse will not be authorised to breed and will not be able to take part in AFCC shows.

D.              The association is not responsable for mistakes made by the demander. If mistakes, falsifying or things not filled in are made, the association keeps the right to suspend or correct the horse paper. The owner will be asked to send the paper back to the association for correction. These charges are for the owner of the horse.  

E.            A horse that does not have a nice temperament, that bites or kicks or is dangerous to people or other horses will not be approuved for reproduction and their foals will not be registered.

F.            An ACHR registered horse, that for one reason or another is not approuved for reproduction can participate in AFCC shows if sterilized. A certificat of sterilization by a veterinaire must be sent to the association with the original ACHR paper with the appropriate fee for mdification.

G.            If the colour of a horse changes the ACHR paper must be sent back to the association with the appropriate fee for modification. The horse will be registered in the NRC register.

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