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The French Association


The French Creme Horse Asociation filiale of the IAAA, American White American Creme Horse Registry was founded in 1990 (it was named the American Creme Horse Association of France) to help with the registration of the french creme horses in the american stud book and to promote the creme horse in France.
      At this time the French Creme Horse Association became the only representant in France of the American Creme Horse Registry.

Since March 2005 the Creme Horse registered with the ACHR (American Creme Horse Registry) is a recognized race by the Ministry of Agriculture and the French National Stud, this was published in the French official legislation paper the 15 March 2005.

The rules of the French Register and the aprouval of the association where published in the official paper the 20 June 2005.


 Activites of the French Association.

Deals with the publication in the specialized horse magazines. publishes the listes for stallions, breeders, horses for sale etc. Publishes a newsletter for the members. Is present at horse fairs and events, organizes registerd horse shows and keeps the website up to date.





Association Française du Cheval Crème, 1980 Route de St Urcisse, 81630 Montgaillard.

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