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Endurance is a sport practiced in the countryside in the form of long distance running. It combines the fun of a competition with a thorough knowledge of the horse. The aim is to ride a given track for a distance ranging from 10 to 160 km on a single day, or up to 2 x 100 kms over 2 days.


These timed events must be carried out within a specified time for the imposed speed and as quickly as possible for the free speed, while maintaining the horse in a perfect state of health.

All through the event obligatory vet controls are carried out ensuring the welfare of the horse. In the event of signes of tiredness (heartrate high, lameness) the horse is eliminated. The horses effort must mastered all through the course.



The race imposed speed starts with classes of 10 km for the young (or for small ponies) up to 90 km imposed speed. Hourly breaks are taken between two loops from the 40 km classes. Departures are by group or individual. To be ranked the rider must achieve an average speed of between 10 and 12 km / h  or  between 10 and 12 km / h  (depending on the class).  The final placing takes into account the heart rate of the horse and the general speed. La formula utilised is :

[(speed x 2) – speed mini] x 100
Final heart rate


Once qualified at 20 km, horse and rider can register in a class superior respecting the chronological order of 20, 40, 60 et 90. Each distance is obligatory. Once qualified in all the Imposed Speed distances it is  possible to enter the Free Speed events.

There are now classes for driven endurance, uniquely in the classes Imposed Speed (except the 90 km).

In the Free Speed events a minimum speed of 12 km/h is imposed. The maximum speed is free and depends on the terrain, and the grade of horse and rider. Departures are by groups. On arrival the chrono does not stop at the finishing line but at the vet gate. It is important at this level to have a horse that recovers a heart rate inferior or equal to 64 really quickly.
The veterinary examinations are called vet gate and a break must be made after passing one, this could be from 30 to 50 minutes depending on the organiser. The winner of the class is the one that is first passed the finishing line and after validation from the last vet gate.


Complet rules are available at     www.ffe.com

Les chevaux primés en Endurance

Nom du Cheval
N° inscrit
Hidalgo 05NRC-476 Elevage Ien'A   2,0  
Jongola 00NRC-333 Blue Eye Farm   2,0  
Karamelle 2000TC-372 Blue Eye Farm 26,5         AFCC Champion   
Lola du Grand Briou 2000TC-373 Blue Eye Farm  2,5  
Malice 2001TC-380 Blue Eye Farm  8,0 " IRE** "
Moonlight Melba 01NRC-353 Blue Eye Farm 20,5          CM " IRE** "


Association Française du Cheval Crème, 669 Chemin de Saint Martial, 82000 Montauban.


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