A bay horse that has received a dilution gene from one of it's parents, le result is a coat that varies from off white, beige, gold almost orange to very dark almost black, dark eyes and black mane and tail with often black points.

The different shades of Buckskin :


"Calanne des Dieux" owner Anne Coynault


Beige coat with black mane and tail black and black points, caracteristic of all Buckskin.
(can have socks).


"Sapho" owner Christiane Boudet


 golden buckskin
owner Christiane Boudet


   Coat dark gold almost orange often difficult to tell the difference between the golden buckskin and the copper bay, apart from the red that is present in the hair of all bay horses, even the pale bay, the red is not present in the golden buckskin. A buckskin will have hints of gold or silver in sunlight wheras the bay will have hints of copper or orange.