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Association Statutes

Article 1:

Is founded between the members with the present statutes an association governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the Decree of 16 Août 1901 entitled:

"Association Française du Cheval Crème".

Article 2:
                    The aims of this association are:

The aims of the association are the preservation and improvement of the American Creme Horse, defending the interests of breeders and users of cream horses. In this context these goals are specifically:

1         To be the exclusive representatives in France of the American White American Creme Horse Registry,  Naper,
           Nebraska,   USA

2         To promote the breeding of Creme Horses in France.
3         To encourage the selection and genetic improvement.
4         To participate in the management of the French creme horse registry, serving on the board of the Creme Horse
           Studbook and the Committee of the stud book of foreign breeds of saddle horses.
5         Promote the use of cream horses in organizing and participating in competitions, events etc.
6         To regroup the owners of Creme horses en France.
7         Establish contacts and exchanges with the breeders and owners of horses cream in France and abroad.
8         To publish a newsletter.

Article 3:                     The registered office is at:

Fayrio Creme Horse Farm, 81630 Montgaillard.

Article 4:                     The association is composed of:

a) Honorary Members
                          c) Active membres
b) Benefactors
                                     d) Inactive membres

Article 5:                     Admission:

Membership in the association is voluntary and renewable annually. All people, breeders, individuals or others without discrimination may join the association by paying the annual membership fee.
The Executive Committee may strike off a member for failure to respect the rules and regulations of the association, after having informed him of the facts and enabling him to give his side of the story.

Article 6:                   Membres:

Honorary Members, are those who have rendered outstanding services to the association, they are exempt from contributions.
Benefactors, are those people who pay an annual fee, the amount for this category.
Active membres, are those people who pay an annual fee, the amount for this category.
Inactive membres, are those people who pay an annual fee, the amount for this category.

Article 7:                   Striking off:

Membership is lost by:
a)       Demission
b)       Death
c)       Striking off given by the executive committee for non payment of membership fees or for a serious offence. The applicant having been invited by letter to appear before the board to provide explanations of the facts.

Article 8:                  The resources of the association include:

a) Membership fees.
b) Grants, donations, events.

Article 9:                    Executive Committee:

The Association is run by an executive committee made up of 9 members elected for 4 years elected by the General Assembly. The members can be reelected.

An honorary president                         
A president / secretary                    
A vice president                                 
A treasurer
5 administrators
In the event of the committee being an even number the renewal will be by half  each year. The first year the outgoing members are chosen at random.

Article 10:                   Meeting of the executive committee:

The executive committee will meet at least one every 6 months. The decisions are made by the majority of the votes, in case of a tie the president shall cast the deciding vote.  

Article 11:                   General Assembly:

The General Assembly shall meet every year in January.

Article 12:                   Extraordinary General Assembly:

The extraordinay assembly general is united to decide on any changes to the statutes.
This assembly must be made up of at least half of the active members. It must be decided by a majority of three quarters of members present. The absent members may be represented by another member of the association by means of a written proxy.
If the quorum is not reached at the meeting, the assembly will be convened by individual notice again, and in this new meeting it may validly deliberate regardless of the number of members present.

Article 13:                  Rules:

Rules can be established by the executive committee. These rules are destined to fix the various points that are not covered by the statutes, notably those relating to the internal administration of the association

Article 14:                  Dissolution:

In the case of a dissolution, one or more liquidators are appointed and the assets, if there are any, are dealt with in accordance with Article 9 of the Law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901.


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