Annexe 6

National classification commissions.


1.    General rules :

Only horses that are registered in the French Creme Horse Register and be at least 2 years old can be  presented before the National Classification Commission.

The original French Passport must be shown at the entry. The horses must be up to date with their vacinations.

All owners presenting à horse must pay the entry fees, the price is fixed by the executive committee of the association each year.
Entry fees must be paid at least 10 days before the presentation, by check joined to the dossier and sent to the address on the forms.

Horses and exhibitors must be in proper attire. The jury will disqualify any animal not having undergone sufficient training or for lack of grooming.

2.   Stallion classification

The presentation is in hand and will be noted out of 20. One note will be given by the jury englobing the model, gaits, type, temperament and presentation. A supplementary point can be given in fonction of his performance in ridden events and/or quality of his descendants.

The commission attributs the following classifications in fonction of the note obtained :

Note Classification
19 à 20 Excellent
17 à 18,99 Very good
15 à 16,99 Good
10 à 14,99 Medium
5 à 9,99 Insuffisient
1 à 4,99 Bad
Not presented Not presented

It is possible for a horse to go into a class superior following a review by the national classification commission.