Annexe 5

Conditions for registration in the ACHR Creme stud book.


The owners of horses wanting to be registered in the Creme stud book must send to the association a complet file for each horse.

This file must include
-   5 photos, (front, back, both sides and one of the head with eye visible),
-   a  photocopie of the French passport, the breeding, (service certificat etc. if you have one)
-   a check for presenting the horse in front of the national commission.
-   a liste of winnings in ridden events.

No horse will be presented before the commission if the file is not complet.
Each horse must be seen by the commission,


The presentation will be in hand and marked out of 20.

One note by the three judges will be given on the beauty, the mouvement, the standard, the caracter and eventually the performance in ridden shows.

Registration will be accepted to stallions with 15 or more points out of 20
Registration will be accepted to mares and geldings for 13 or more points pout of 20

Both horse and handler must wear correct attire. The judges can eliminate any horse which has not been sufficiently trained or groomed.

After the presentation
1°    The horse has obtained enough points and is accepted for registration in the stud book, the owner must then pay the price for this registration.
2°   The horse has not obtained enough points and is refused registration.

The descision of the judges if final and without appeal.
A lame horse or ill horse with a vets certificat can be presented in front of another commission.