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The Trec (Technique de randonnée équestre de compétition -  Technical trekking equestrian competition) was launched at the end of the 80s. This sport was created by groups of trekkers who wanted to measure themselves on their skills of trekking.

There are 4 tests that evaluate the combination horse / rider.

The POR (parcours d’orientation et de régularité  -  orientation course and regularity) : 15 minutes before the start each rider draws his proposed itinary on a map as precisely as possible. Depending on the class the course will be between 20 and 50 km.This must be scrupulously respected. Hidden checkpoints are on the course. At the start and at each checkpoint the speed to respect is indicated. This first test requires topographical knowledge and also management of the horse's effort.

The PTV (parcours en terrain varié -  course in varied terrain): it is made up of 12 to 18 obstacles depending on the class. Natural or manmade these obstacles represent situations that can be found when riding round the countryside. These need to be passed calmly and saftely. Efficiency, frankness and style are noted. Some of the obstales are passed on foot, this is one of the particularities of the TREC.

Ford, tree trunk, low branches, mounting, steps, gate....... the ostacles follow on alternating sections rapid, jumping and technical.

The presentation of horse and rider:  the purpose is to control the tack and attire of horse and rider, also to check the presence of security equipment (first aid kit, blacksmiths kit, fluorescent jacket…).
The control of gaits:  in a corridor of 1.50m with a length of 100 to 150 m depending on the class, the rider must go one way at the slowest canter and the other way at the fastest walk, he must not break the speed or leave the corridor.

Complet rules are available at    www.ffe.com

The winning horses in TREC


Horses name
Registered N°
Fayrio Cream Dream P-6235 Fayrio Creme Horse Farm  2,0  
Jongola 00NRC-333 Blue Eye Farm 14,0      Certificat de Mérite
Karamelle 2000TC-372 Blue Eye Farm  8,0           
Lola du Grand Briou 2000TC-373 Blue Eye Farm  5  
Moonlight Melba 01NRC-353 Blue Eye Farm  6,5            

Association Française du Cheval Crème, 669 Chemin de Saint Martial, 82000 Montauban.

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